ICC has asked cricketers to beware from fixers!

by SportsDiction – 22, April 2020

The ICC Anti-Corruption Unit has warned that fixers could try to build up relationships with cricketers in social media during this COVID-19.

There is no game, no fixing. Is it? -Wrong! ICC does not think so. In the lockdown, the ICC asked players to be careful not only from the coronavirus but also from the gambler.

The field game has stopped to prevent Corona infection. The most recent level at the top level is the PSL on March 7. Since then the cricketers have been in lockdown. The usual calculation is that there will be no violence for the Gamblers as there are no domestic or international tournaments or matches around the sports world. But the ICC does not think so. Alex Marshall, head of the agency’s anti-corruption unit of ICC in Dubai, reminded the players.

For the circumstances, we will continue to work with players, members, agents, player’s organizations. Players are now spending more time on social media than ever before. That is an opportunity for the fixers to get close to them and they will use this relationship later.

Marshall said, ‘We talked to players, agents. The importance of the matter has been explained. Players should not be fooled at this time. It is normal for players to lose income as the game is closed. At least domestic cricket players could be a face problem”. Marshall thinks it’s going to be an opportunity for fixers.

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