Skrill Review 2020

No transfer fee when you send money to a bank account abroad.

Enjoy easy access to a range of the latest merchant offers, deals and bonuses.




Exchange Rates
Ease of Use
Credibility & Security
Service & Coverage
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Skrill Review 2020

skrill payment method

No transfer fee when you send money to a bank account abroad.

Enjoy easy access to a range of the latest merchant offers, deals and bonuses.




Exchange Rates
Ease of Use
Credibility & Security
Service & Coverage
Customer Satifaction
Customer Support

What is Skrill

The business was founded on June 18, 2001, in London under the name Moneybooker as an Electronic payment system and has progressed to provide a series of monetary services. Later on, the business rebranded to Skrill in 2011, and after that, Skrill was bought by Paysafe Group in 2015. The company is likewise licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Skrill is one of the best online payment platform that permits both receiving and sending out money or can be utilized for many other purposes, online payment etc. It can be used both as an organization and as a private individual. In regards to its customer base, Skrill declares, according to its site, that now has more than 40 million users around the world and 156,000 merchants. Not just this, however, the platform supports 200 nations and over 40 currencies.

There are also numerous other great platforms for online payment gateway. Among them, Skrill is the very best e-wallet that is frequently used on online money transfer service. When we spending or making money online, It can be beneficial to use one or more online payment platforms.

Though Skrill provides its payment gateway services to a complete variety of markets, the company is considered among the giants in the field of payments associated with online betting markets like Sportsbook, Gambling, Poker and Casino, wagering, and Forex brokers.

Why Use Skrill

Before you decide to register for a Skrill personal account, it is an excellent concept to understand all the platforms that Skrill needs to select from. Skrill does provide exciting alternatives for online monetary services, but you will need to plan what you want to finish with its suite of platforms. Some might make good sense, depending upon what you want to do.

skrill benefits

Send and Receive money

Skrill can be utilized for sending cash to anybody you understand in any of the countries Skrill is readily available. To move money, you require having the other person’s e-mail address, and after that, you can move money in a couple of easy steps. The receiver will get the money in the regional currency. It provides you to make the first cash transfer like this free of charge. You can see the regular costs later in this post. Skrill permits you to send out cash from a lot of various countries.

Online Gambling and Betting

Skrill is a popular website to use for online betting and wagering sites. Most of the significant casino, betting and wagering sites accept Skrill. So if you like playing online poker, utilizing online gambling, betting on sports, and so on, Skrill can be a simple payment choice to use.
As Skrill has collaboration with many of the gambling and betting websites, it also provides some exclusive deals and offers for its members. It can be provided like unique welcome benefits, additional complimentary spins, totally free cash to bet without deposit, and a lot more. You can see the existing deals on Skrill’s site.

Withdraw money to your Credit or Debit Card

You can link your eligible credit or debit card to your Skrill account. It’s a straightforward method to withdraw money from your Skrill wallet to a suitable credit or debit card. The funds will be moved to your eligible credit or debit card within 21 company days.

Withdraw money to your local bank account

Skrill is also simple to link to any bank account. Once you link your local bank with skrill, it is possible to move cash from your Skrill account into your own or local named bank account. It takes two business days to complete.

Points & Rewards

  Skrill provides its consumers KNECT service where the consumer can pick points while he makes Deposits, Withdraw money, Pay online, Use Skrill card, Transfer to the merchant. These points can then be exchanged with genuine funds or rewards. You even make a little additional money with doing nothing. Because of this, there are lots of gamers who deposit and withdraw numerous times a month from several suppliers to make more points and make some additional money.


If you like online, mobile, or video gaming, Skrill is an excellent option for several online gaming websites as a payment gateway. Like with the wagering and gambling sites, the Skrill frequently provide different offers and discounts for the gaming consumers.


The value of P2P transactions when paying for eSports bets, Skrill can not be neglected for its anonymity. When making any transactions on betting platforms, Skrill can provide relative anonymity service for its users. Everybody surmises the banks do not like gambling, and Skrill manages a fantastic method to keep your gambling personal privacy by its anonymity. You can get take advantage of the relative anonymity transactions and prevent bank tracking unless asked for.


Reasonably one of the most used betting e-wallets by the international online casinos, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover an online casino that does not have Skrill as a depositing option. The majority of online casinos allow skrill e-wallet options; that’s why you do not need to have several e-wallets for gaming in different casinos for deposit or withdrawal money.


The majority of forex brokers provide a comprehensive range list of deposit and withdrawal methods that they accept on their financial pages for your convenience. However, all forex brokers do not provide the same list of deposit or withdrawal methods. Some might allow just a couple of different payment methods. Skrill is the most popular e-wallet that the optimum broker is accepted.

Prepaid Mastercard

You can get a pre-paid Mastercard from Skrill, where the balance on your Skrill Account will certainly be easily available. However, the card is just offered to citizens of authorized European Economic Location (EEA) nations, and It’s effortless to order and have its service. The skrill prepaid card will get to you within 15 Business Days. However, in some circumstances, it can take longer for your Skrill Card to get there after order and approve. After activating it, you can utilize it to pay online or shopping from stores as well as withdraw cash instantly at 1.9 million ATMs.

Skrill Prepaid MasterCard

Skrill 1-Tap

Skrill 1-Tap addition permits quicker deposits without unlimited security and ID checks. The primary objective of Skrill-1 Tap is to pay at online gambling or other betting websites or merchants as quick and easy as possible. The very first deposit made through Skrill-1 Tap will need the consumer to enter their Skrill login information.

After this, there will be no additional redirections to the Skrill website or any other procedure. The 1-Tap function permits Skrill wallet users to authorize purchase automatically, without needing to go through a permission procedure each time. This method is likewise completely safe, as you are still not providing your Skrill login information to anybody besides Skrill. Lots of websites nowadays use this Skrill-1 Tap button to fund add or withdrawal purpose.

Merchant service

You can break down Skrill’s merchant services into two following classifications:
          1. Hosted payments
          2. Wallet payments

Wallet payments: It must shock nobody that Skrill permits merchants to accept payments from consumers who use the digital wallet. It resemble the “lite variation” of hosting. The service states that merchants can accept payments from any clients with the wallet, as long as that client is utilizing the Skrill wallet as well.

Hosted payments: The hosted payment service enables you to approve payments from Skrill users and those without an account. After they check out on your website, they are rerouted to the Skrill website to finish the transaction. You can likewise make it possible for an iframe to accept payments through Skrill while keeping clients on your homepage. Skrill boasts that hosted payments support “more than 20 regional payment methods and over 80 direct bank transfer connections with a single combination”. The organized settlements, on the other hand, are either installed on your eCommerce site or refined with a Skrill checkout web page. It’s not that hard to embed Skrill on your web site.


Skrill accounts can also be used to purchase cryptocurrencies. In June 2018, Skrill preceded the cryptocurrencies service and permits its consumers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their balance through skrill wallet. If you find the Crypto menu, this indicates that the service is promptly available for your Skrill account. A user will not be authorized to send cryptocurrencies to another with a Skrill account. But Skrill users can buy and transfer cryptocurrencies at any time within their account. However, if the value of the cryptocurrencies increases or drops, the changes will be shown in the skrill account. But keep in mind the service is presently offered in selected countries only.

Deposit and withdrawal

Skrill accepts the following methods of Deposit:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Fast Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Trustly
  • Klarna

And, It accepts following methods of Withdraw:

  • Local bank transfer
  • Visa Card
  • Wire Transfer


Skrill accounts can be created in one of 40 supported currencies such as :

AED Utd. Arab Emir.Dirham
AUD Australian Dollar
BGN Bulgarian Leva
CAD Canadian Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc
CZK Czech Koruna
DKK Danish Krone
EUR Euro
GBP British Pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HRK Croatian Kuna
HUF Hungarian Forint
ILS Israeli Shekel
INR Indian Rupee
ISK Iceland Krona
JOD Jordanian Dinar
JPY Japanese Yen
KRW South‐Korean Won
MAD Moroccan Dirham
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
NOK Norwegian Krone
NZD New Zealand Dollar
OMR Omani Rial
PLN Polish Zloty
QAR Qatari Rial
RON Romanian Leu New
RSD Serbian Dinar
SAR Saudi Riyal
SEK Swedish Krona
SGD Singapore Dollar
THB Thailand Baht
TND Tunisian Dinar
TRY New Turkish Lira
TWD Taiwan Dollar
USD U.S. Dollar
ZAR South‐African Rand

What are the fees for using Skrill

I hope this article provided you an excellent concept about the various charges when using Skrill digital e-wallet. It is required to know this before you choose a method. And so you do not get any unpleasant shocks. As you notice, there are significant indications of deposits and withdraw your money from the merchant. Before deciding which payment solution you want to choose, it is too necessary to understand what the fees for the different options. Please be advised that the charges are subject to change whenever its management wants.

Fees for withdrawing money:

*Be aware that the local bank might also charge a conversion fee, but you have to check this with your bank.

Fees for sending receiving money:
  • Sending money from Skrill account to Skrill account – 1.45% (min. EUR 0.50)
  • Receiving money is always free of charge
Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® (physical)
  • There is an application fee/annual of €10 for the Skrill PrepaidMastercard®.
  • Paying online and in shops – It is Free

*Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA)countries.

Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard:
  • The first Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard is free
  • There is no monthly or annual service fee.
  • The cost of any subsequent card is 2.50 EUR.

*Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® is only available to residents of selected countries. Please refer to your account to confirm availability.

Fees for currency conversions:
  • Skrill adds a fee of 3.79% exchange rates. 
  • Sometimes it depends upon your VIP status. Depending on your VIP status the fee will be 1.99% to 3.79%.
Fees for CRYPTO:
Transactions up to EUR 19.99EUR 0.99 per transaction
Transaction between EUR 20 – EUR 99.99EUR 1.99 per transaction
Transactions above EUR 1001.50 % per transaction
CRYPTO P2P0.50 % per transaction
Inactivity fees

There is an inactivity fee of 5 Euro (or account currency equivalent) if you do not use your Skrill account for 12 months and keep a balance in it. The fee will be deducted monthly from the available funds in your account until your balance is zero

VIP Program

Skrill rewards its consumers through the VIP program. They determine it by the merchant transitions amount. Skrill will approve VIP Status to your account while you achieve the Minimum Requirements. Make Eligible Transactions amounting to EUR 6000 or more or buy or sell Crypto within a Quarter, your Skrill account will qualify immediately for its VIP status, and you will become a Skrill VIP user.

Skrill VIP program is simple to browse. As more as you spend using your Skrill wallet, the more VIP level and benefits you’ll achieve. Skrill VIP levels are every quarter, and the VIP level is changed per quarterly calendar term. Skrill has four different VIP levels. These are Bronze, Siler, Gold& Diamond. As quickly as you reach the minimum threshold of transactions, your account will be upgraded to the next VIP level. You are required to transact enough in the current quarter to ensure your VIP status for the list below quarter:

  • 1st Quarter January – March
  • 2nd Quarter April – June
  • 3rd Quarter July – September
  • 4th Quarter October – December

Skrill VIP program provides several substantial advantages, which will enable you to take pleasure in several essential enhancements such as lower costs, Dedicated 24/7 VIP Care, different special promotions, Multi-Currency accounts, Low FX rate, and so on.

FeaturesBronze transact over €6000 in a quarterSilver transact over €15000 in a quarterGold transact over €45000 in a quarterDiamond transact over €90000 in a quarter
Multi-Currency accountNo1 additional2 additional3 additional
VIP Personal Account ManagerNoNoyesyes
Priority bank uploadsNoyesyes
Dedicated 24/7 VIP Careyesyesyes
Send Money Fee1.45% (Min fee €0.50 )FreeFor FreeFree
Bank withdrawal fees€5.50FreeFor FreeFree
FX rates3.79%2.89%2.59%1.99

Is skrill safe?

Skrill is fully authorized and also regulated by various regulatory authorities around the globe, consisting of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and even the UNITED STATE Department of Prize’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Paysafe, the company that possesses Skrill, has workplaces in over 20 areas around the globe and supplies secure as well as safe and secure cash transfers. When you send out a payment utilizing Skrill, the recipient won’t obtain delicate economic information such as your credit/debit card or savings account number. Just recently they have developed their safety and security system in extra safe by email, pin as well as phone verify.

When you deliver a payment using Skrill, the recipient won’t get delicate monetary information such as your credit/debit card or checking account number. Skrill is one of the most significant on-line repayment processors worldwide today. As a result, it is very secure to use, and also, the business takes safety extremely seriously. It makes use of only the most modern protection innovation, with account login, individual information, and all money transactions protected, making use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) innovation with high-security 256bit security, accredited by VeriSign.

Additionally, Skrill employs a large team of highly-trained Danger and also Anti-Fraud professionals that continuously monitor all purchases making use of cutting edge devices and even modern technology.

Skrill additionally has a few extra safety features that I like:

1. If there is an incorrect login made on your account, Skrill will certainly send out an email to your signed up email address to tell you. So if someone is trying to get accessibility to your account, you will be informed immediately.

          2. Their internet site does not record your login details for the following time you most likely to the site. If you click on the login box, it does not remember your username or fills your password. As soon as you have logged out, you can be secure in the knowledge that you have left no delicate details behind.

          3. The safety token used to all VIP participants makes accounts 100% secure.


Sadly, Skrill is not available to locals of certain countries. At present, Skrill does not provide service to the following countries:
  • Afghanistan
  • Angola
  • Barbados
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cape Verde
  • Comoros
  • Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Djibouti
  • Eritrea
  • Faroe Islands
  • French Polynesia
  • Gambia
  • Greenland
  • Grenada
  • Guadeloupe
  • Guyana
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Japan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Libya
  • Macao
  • Martinique
  • Namibia
  • New Caledonia
  • Niger
  • Palau
  • Reunion
  • Samoa
  • Sudan (North and South)
  • Suriname
  • Syria
  • Tajikistan
  • Togo
  • Turkmenistan
  • North Korea

Skrill users lived in Canada, and the USA may not use it for gambling-related deals. If you attempt to do this, your account will be permanently suspended or closed. However, suddenly you could not make any transaction or might not log in to your online account if you plan to go outside of your registered country. Then it would be best if you were informed that you could use your Skrill prepaid MasterCard only to shop or withdraw money from ATMs.

Contact & Customer Service

For routine, non-VIP customers, Skrill’s support is a bit frustrating. They are outstanding if you call their support contact number; however, they can be very sluggish at replying to emails- in some cases taking as long as one day to respond. I likewise locate it discouraging that they do not supply a live chat feature. Phone, as well as email support, is available between 9 am-6 pm Mon-Sun

On a few events, it has taken their email support group a couple of days to reply to my queries. Follow up emails can also take just as long, so it can typically take three or four days to obtain problems fixed. Skrill does not have any online chat. Skrill provides email assistance (also to noncustomers), Skrill provides phone and email assistance (even to noncustomers).


  • The currency exchange rate margin comprises a very little share of the overall expense of your transfer
  • It’s really easy to understand the charges of Skrill
  • Skrill does not charge a margin on the currency exchange rate
  • A real-time quote can be acquired without signing up
  • Skrill uses the exact same charges and currency exchange rate to all consumers
  • The rates details of Skrill is provided to Monito


Skrill uses its clients a range of economic solutions and is an easy to use payments system. The functions that stand apart is the fact that Skrill does not bill its clients to obtain cash, as well as that it offers an economical alternative for a debit card.

If you want Skrill, it is effortless to register for an account and also try it out. For a regular online company, its charges are sensible, and it is a secure system. The ability to ‘purchase’ cryptos from your Skrill account is helpful, as well as could be an excellent way to guess on the value of the major cryptos.

Skrill is a beneficial tool to send and also get cash online. Regardless of where the other individual is situated, you can move funds with convenience. We like that the system supports a significant number of deposit approaches, such as a bank transfer and also debit/credit card, as well as different options like Paysafecard.

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