create and verify a Skrill account

How to Create a Skrill account:

How to open a skrill account:

To create an account with Skrill is very easy and simple. Just goto the Skill homepage and click on the register from the top right corner of the page.

  • You then asked your first and last name, country, currency, email, and case sensitive password.
  • Then, you will ask for your address, city, Zip code, Date of birth. Phone number. After putting this information your account is just created, but now it is unverified. Before you verify your account, it can be used but with a limited function. To increase your skrill account limitation, you need to verify the account.

How to verify Skrill account:

For enjoying all features, you need to verify your account. To get verify your account, you need to deposit a minimum of £1 or equivalent. After deposit, you can see verify option. Afterload fund there is some few procedures. This verification process might be vary depending on where you’re located, but generally, you will need to verify your Photo Identity and Address.

Government-issued ID document. There are 3 acceptable identity verification documents:

1. Passports
2. ID cards
3. Driving licenses

To get you verified as soon as possible Please be aware of following:

A proof of address document like: Bank statement / Credit card statement issued within the last 3 months/ Own named Utility Bill copy/ Tax return certificate/ pension documents/ council bill etc.

After submitted the documents usually it takes 24 to 48 hours. Once the verification process is fully completed you will receive an email confirmation.

How to verify Skrill account with Facebook profile:

You have the alternative to quickly confirm your identification with Skrill by using your Facebook profile. If you chose to validate your Skrill account through Facebook, you might instantaneously finish the account owner as well as address verification steps of the Skrill account verification process. Better, you will undoubtedly be able to verify your identity by merely submitting a federal government released ID.

Note: to successfully confirm your identification utilizing your Facebook account: the name, day of birth, address as well as e-mail address on the given Facebook account need to match the ones signed up right into your Skrill account.

How to verify email ID of Skrill:

The email verification procedure is currently compulsory this time, and you can not utilize your email address without confirming. To validate your email address, comply with the steps listed below:

How to verify Phone number with Skrill:

The email verification procedure is mandatory now this time, and you can’t use your email address without verifying. To confirm your email address, follow the steps below:

How to get more secure my Skrill account:

Now you can make your account more secure by active Mobile and email OTP service. To active the service, you have to go setting > security option. And then select Authentication methods. From here, you can active Mobile or Email and Pin Authentication.

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